Proper Leads
that Convert

Solar Appointments and Solar Leads



Selling a product or service to a person that is interested is a piece of cake. Person wants widgets, you offer widgets and close the deal; end of story.

Person interested is called a lead. How much interest there is can be debated but if the person is interested enough that they recall having filled out a form and requesting information the whole nurturing and sales process is easy.

That phone numbers work or emails work is naturally a concern. Our data is tested with APIs so there should not be an issue. The main point: we deliver proper leads.

To make sure that the leads are genuine our leads usually have LeadiD or a similar 3rd party verification protocol.

We deliver real-time leads and slightly aged data, like 30-days old.



Consumer opts in on landing page and we get the data exclusively. On real time leads the buyer will have exclusive dialing for 30 days after which it is sold 1 time.



Health Insurance, Medicare, Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, Final Expense and Solar Leads. Other verticals on request



We do not provide free samples. We have no minimum order. Payment by wire transfer. Delivery is after payment received.We usually use Ringba for tracking.


The performance of web leads is determined by a lot of factors. We can't control when you call and what you say and so on.

What we can control is the source of the traffic that goes to a given landing page.



Pricing depends on the vertical



Phone numbers and emails are verified during the signup process by using several APIs. Even after testing there might be non working numbers or emails that bounce. We allow for up to 15% to be exchanged once a month. Once data is delivered we do not offer any money refund.

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